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Welcome to the e-ATA website

This website allows you to request ATA and CPD China Taiwan carnets online at the Chamber of Commerce of your choice. The Chamber verifies whether the request is correct, approves it and prints it. Finally the Chamber sends the carnet by mail or you pick it up at the Chamber.


The most important advantages are:

  • Saving more time – sending the request by post is no longer needed.
  • More efficient – eATA can assure that you pass on the necessary and correct information to the Chamber so that they can quickly create a carnet.
  • More transparent – the application and related communication is done by eATA; at any moment you always know the status of your request.
  • More control – you can always check which carnets are still in circulation.
  • Internet access
  • Adobe Reader 11, Acrobat Standard 11 or Acrobat Professional 11 or higher
  • A browser supported by e-ATA like Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 and higher, Chrome 35.x and higher, Mozilla Firefox version 4 and higher, ...

  • Remark! If you're using Internet Explorer, add "" to the 'Trusted sites' in the 'Security' tab of the internet options.

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